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Teacher Training Q&A with Jeffrey Posner

“Teacher Training Q&A with Jeffrey Posner”

Real Hot Yoga NJ is proud to be hosting their 3rd Twisted Lotus, 200 HR Teacher Training taught by Jeffrey Posner on February 25th- May 21st. We had a chance to sit down with him and get the scoop on his #realhot training.

Q: So, this is your 3rd training at Real Hot Yoga and about to begin your 3rd. What can you tell us about your Twisted Lotus training and why should a trainee train with you?
A: “Twisted Lotus is a unique blend of traditions I study and practice including Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Lotus Flow, through which I was first trained as a teacher. Training with twisted lotus is a hands-on learning experience with a focus on finding your foundation and voice as a teacher. You will learn proven methods and concepts that you can use today. We break down walls, then build them up stronger”

Q: You’ve been producing some phenomenal talent! What makes a great candidate to become a great yoga instructor?

A: “Everyone has a potential for greatness; sometimes we just need a little help bringing it out. If you are willing to learn and ok being humble, you are more than halfway there”

Q: Some might wonder, what actually takes places during training…What is the curriculum and what percentage would you say is physically practicing vs classroom style education?

A: “During the time we spend together, it breaks down into 3 main activities- Hands on Learning, Lecture and Discussion. And Teaching and Practicing. There is some homework involved as well, but nothing to be worried about. Feel free to contact me for the current syllabus at any time at Jeffrey.Posner@gmail.com”

Q: 200 hours is a serious commitment. What questions should a potential teacher training candidate ask themselves before signing up?

A: “Is yoga something I want to explore deeper? Am I looking to get out of my own way? Do I want to be more in touch with my mind and body? What is my truth/purpose? How does one find/live that in life?”

Q: So aside for the time commitment, it’s also a financial commitment. Are there any unexpected fees and are there any renewals necessary to keep one’s certification current?

A: “There is no continuing education requirement for maintain a yoga certification. In fact, you are not even required to register with Yoga Alliance to maintain your certification. If you choose to be part of the Yoga Alliance directory, which we are, then you can simply register and pay a small annual renewal fee to keep the directory listing current.  You can do this registration at any time.”

Q: We hate to ask, because nobody likes them…Are there tests?

A: “Yes, there is a final exam.”

Q: What can a teacher trainee expect in terms of one on one interaction with you?

 A: “An honest and open approach to learning and what it takes to breakthrough bad habits to create new and better ones”

Q: At the end of training, how confident should a participant feel to go out into the world and lead a class?

 A: “That’s a hard question to answer since public speaking in front of a group involves a lots of factors. However, we spend ample time teaching in these types of environments providing you with skills needed to feel confident and secure in class. In the end, you will find your own voice.”

 Q: What has been the biggest reward in your trainings?

 A: “Watching the students grow.”


“Jeff’s TT really prepares you to hit the ground running after graduation. His sequencing, in addition to teaching right off the bat in training, allowed me to be confident and prepared once I had my own class.”
- Alex Roberts

“Prior to Jeff’s TT, I was sloppy, chasing “the poses”. Went in truly to perfect my own technique, and came out with the confidence to start teaching others. His trial by fire style puts you in the teacher mentality from day one! Perfect mélange of self realization and devine connection with instant practical application for the student looking to seriously consider teaching.”- Max Pena


“Jeff is passionate in his teaching and is a continuing student of yoga. He guides a no BS training that has you ready to teach a creative yet safe class, right away. Couldn’t have been more prepared for the real world of teaching.”- James Calleo


“Jeff is incredibly talented, knowledgeable and passionate and was so generous in sharing his wisdom with us. With an emphasis on HOW to teach, each lesson was designed purposefully to help us become safe, confident teachers. Twisted Lotus gave me the experience, skills, and knowledge to lead a safe and creative class- I loved every minute of it.”- Kerri Goldman


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