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Yoga: The Yin to your Athletic Yang

With Spring in the air, we all navigate outside to enjoy the weather, new blooms and our favorite outdoor activities! Spring is the ideal time to shake off the confinement of winter and get back outside to hike, join an intramural softball league, road or mountain bike, play a round of golf or hit the trails for a quick run!


Whether you are a recreational athlete or a pro, the most common reason for sport related injuries is overuse and abuse. Yoga aids you in this process by allowing you to be more aware of your body. Aware of where you are strong, where you are weak, what kind of range your joints have, or how your body feels before and after being active. With this, you can recognize imbalances earlier than most – maybe even early enough that you can avoid an injury completely just from listening to your body and knowing your own limits.


Avoid a hip injury from tennis, or a hamstring pull from running. Whether you’re restricted by shoulder pain from rock climbing or low back pain from kayaking, yoga acts as both your physical and mental means to avoiding injury and improving performance.


By regularly participating in yoga, you are changing the elasticity of your muscles. Strength training and power sports tend to break down muscle. However, if counteracted with yoga, you can build those muscles back up and stronger than before.


Yes, yoga is sure to help you recover from other sports and possibly anticipate a body misalignment before it progresses to an injury but it can also provide an emotional counterpart to your favorite sports as well. In many sports, the atmosphere can be competitive and overwhelming. Attending a yoga class with a relaxing atmosphere and supportive yoga community can serve as both a physical AND emotional reward. You pushed your limits in the game or on the trail – now it is time to accept them again. A time to breathe through that competitive nature and into a place of personal peace.


Whether you are interested in yoga for stress relief, fat burning, toning or recovery – we are sure to have a class that fits both your intentions and your schedule. Both in the yoga studio, in our lives, and in our bodies – we find that most things are about balance. We are the yin to your athletic yang. Come join us!


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RHY Hoboken



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** #0530 to enter the building

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6am - 1:15pm
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