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Back to School Yoga

For the Parent: 

The kids are about to be back in school and you can finally schedule in some much needed “me time” again! While summer is a time for family fun, back to school can be a time for parents to invest in themselves again. And how better to invest in yourself; a time to stop and finally say thank you to a body that allows you to be an active parent, and a mind that can overcome all obstacles. 

It is time to breathe, to get on your mat and still your mind. The kids are back to learning and growing under the supervision of a trained professional, why shouldn’t you do the same? Grab your mat and come give yourself the time you need to be the best version of yourself! 


For the Student:

Summer is ending and it’s time to start getting back into a routine. 

Weaning your child back into their school routine means earlier nights and quicker mornings. For parents, this routine comes as a great relief; however, for many children these changes can bring on stress and anxiety. Parents often forget how intimidating new teachers, classrooms and unknown factors can be on a child – especially after a summer in the comfort of your home surrounded by family and friends. 

Yoga has many techniques to not only empower adults, but children as well! Use the skillsets yoga has taught you to spread your mindfulness to your children! What poses are child friendly? Most of them! Childs pose is great for encouraging relaxation before bedtime while standing forward folds can help release tension in the spine to allow for fresh oxygen and blood flow after a long day of sitting in school! 

Yoga can help you be your best self – your best version of a parent, but we often forget how it can also be something we share with our child. Something that connects us beyond just body and mind – but through family and discovering balance. 

Here at Real Hot Yoga, our studio and yoga classes are the ideal resource for both you and your family as you transition back into school mode. Our classes vary from yoga for beginners to recovery and toning - but most importantly, we provide a time to workout your body and mind in a judgement free zone surrounded by fellow yogis! 


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RHY Hoboken



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