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Give More Presence, Less Presents

It’s the holiday season! The time of year where we fill both our social calendar and the stockings on the mantle. In addition to giving our time and energy to the people closest to us this holiday season, we also find ourselves looking for the perfect gift(s) as well.


Finding a gift for someone you care about can be a stressful task. How do you find a material object that represents this person’s role in your life? What a battle! This year, instead of standing in lines and pushing through crowded stores to find the perfect present, we here at Real Hot Yoga invite you to give the gift of presence over presents this year.


Yoga is more than stretching and hot yoga is more than stretching in the heat – yoga is a tool that allows you to sharpen the mind and control your presence. Yoga teaches you to root your consciousness and embrace the present moment. While gifts are amazing to receive, we often lose sight of the best gift of all – your presence. In addition to being an effective fitness regime, yoga also acts as a humbling hobby that allows you to calm your mind by learning to take note of and control of your breath, gazing point, and posture.


You could give Aunt Jennifer a scarf, little Bobby Junior a toy truck, mom and dad a photo album ~ OR you could give them the gift of your genuine presence in the time you spend with them. Rather than being in a thousand different places, you could gift them with the highest compliment – your undivided attention.


We welcome you to give more presence and less presents this holiday season. Stop fretting about the past and planning the future and join our Real Hot yogi community as we try to find joy, purpose and happiness in the present.


Joining Real Hot Yoga can help you give presence over presents while also preparing for a new you in 2019! Get your mind ready this December so you can better push yourself physically come this January! You’re only a Real Hot Yoga membership away from giving yourself, or a friend or family member, the gift of presence AND fitness! 


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RHY Hoboken



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